Brits abroad

Over 5 million Brits now live abroad. That’s about 1 in 10 of the population!

Part of the reason, of course, for this exodus is the absurd cost of living in the UK. A Londoner could sell his tiny little terrace house and buy a mansion with swimming pool in Australia. And have the sun as well. No wonder then that more than 1 million Brits live in Aus.

In Asia, loads of Brits go to live in China, as well as Singapore of course. And there are huge numbers of Brits in Thailand (many of whom are aging men enjoying a second adolescence fueled by Viagra).

By comparison, there are very few Brits in Indonesia, partly due to very strict immigration regulations. Most of the Brits here are professionals working as engineers, teachers, consultants, journalists etc.

Usually expats get treated fairly well. So make the most of it!


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