Maria Eva and Yahya Zaini

Bugging is getting out of control in England, says the Guardian. Government ministers, newspaper editors, footballers and celebs have all been targeted. But it ain’t just bugs that are getting popular. So too are really tiny video cameras. Although they cost a fortune only a few year’s ago, they are much more affordable now. In fact, the yanks spent US$74 million on them in 2005. And it ain’t just the famous who are being watched. You could be too. Cos these tiny little cameras are being put up everywhere – especially in hotel rooms, massage parlors and changing rooms (at the swimming pool for example). And Indonesia ain’t an exception.

And besides cameras, handphones are also being used to capture the action of course.

The latest Indonesian skin flick features dangdut singer Maria Eva frolicking with Golkar politician Yahya Zaini who is unbelievably, or perhaps unsurprisingly, head of Golkar's religious affairs committee (which is responsibility for moral issues!!).

Way to go!


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