If Jakarta were a woman

Is Jakarta the proverbial “s*** hole” that many claim? Well, I’m so sure really. Cos this isn’t a black and white matter is it? Much more a murky shade of gray. Just like the millions of tons of concrete that have been used to build this city in the last few decades.

But to answer the original question I think it would help to imagine Jakarta as some sort of a woman. And in that case I reckon that despite being a bit low in the IQ department, painstakingly slow at doing anything and a compulsive chain smoker to boot – you’d still be drawn to her more positive attributes like her deep cleavage, long jet black hair and happy-go-lucky attitude.

Certainly a lot better than Miss Singapore who although immaculately presented is strangely lacking in any sex appeal whatsoever. Miss Malaysia, meanwhile, is a frumpy bespectacled bore who likes to cover up - but quite in contrast to her northern neighbor Miss Thailand, who although she’ll do anything for foreigners will only do it for the money.

Of the others, Miss Cambodia is too young and undeveloped to even consider (although some like Gary Glitter might think otherwise), while messing around with either Miss Myanmar or Miss Vietnam could get you in trouble with the authorities. A bit further afield, Miss Japan may be clean as a whistle but she’s also very expensive, while Miss Korea is noted for her nationalism and is only interested in one-night stands.

Jakarta? Not too bad at all…

Jakarta Girl (2)

The real Miss Jakarta?


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