The Champagne Song

We drink champagne,
We sno** co*****,
We've got ladies over here,
You've got sh** jobs,
You sh** your dogs,
And your wife is on the g***

>The Champagne Song of
AFC Wimbledon

No chants like that from the Iraqi supporters last night but they’ve still got every reason to cheer their famous Asian Cup semi final victory over South Korea last night.

And with the Saudis putting the Japanese to the sword in the other semi final, it might just be the case that God is a football fan after all.

Not that the Indonesian authorities are too impressed of course: the Korean and Japanese defeats have literally cost them a fortune.

Cos now they can’t charge Rp450,000 a ticket to the Japanese and Korean expats that would have turned up in huge numbers to see the final had these two countries got through.

No instead, the huge
Senayan stadium is expected to be near empty on Sunday (29/07). And even if they slash ticket prices, they probably won’t have much success in enticing Indonesians to go along instead. In fact, to get people to go to the match the Indonesian authorities may have to emulate what the Vietnamese hosts did in earlier rounds – and that is to give away tickets to schoolkids for free.


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