Esia Indonesia and Friday sleaze

The latest classifieds in the esteemed Jakarta Post:

- Miss Indonesian Models Club. Sounds good. But are they really former beauty contest winners? Or even models?
- Miss Asia Models Club – a step up in territorial coverage, suggesting international talent – perhaps from the Philippines or, of course, Thailand.
- Goddess 88 – for a heavenly experience no doubt. Very apt at the current time.
- A raising massage. Leaves little to the imagination. A read through leads to disappointment though – this one’s for the non-straights.
- Pink Pussycat Special!!!! Hahaha!!

Meanwhile, the phenomenon of using sexy dancers to launch new products/services is really catching on in Indonesia in a big way. The most recent show I’ve seen being the one for the new Esia handphone product launch earlier this week. Was expecting the usual stuff about the average revenues per subscriber and market penetration rates etc but were instead provided with something a whole lot better. I even got a few telephone numbers!

Esia sexy dancers

Esia sexy dancers

Esia sexy dancers


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