10 things Indonesia and the US have in common

1. Lack of universal healthcare. In a developing country like Indonesia that’s understandable, in the world’s richest country it’s scandalous.

2. People don’t steal supermarket trolleys like they do in the UK.

3. The emergence from time to time of quirky religious cults which spook the establishment – perhaps cos it’s just a bit too close to looking in the mirror. After all, just how crazy can someone be to self proclaim themselves as a prophet in this day and age?

4. Phallic presidential monuments. Who’s the biggest stud, Sukarno or Washington?

5. The death penalty unfortunately.

6. Pretty young women on TV who read the news.

7. Under strength yet eminently drinkable “B” rated beers – Budweiser and Bintang.

8. Bribery – in Indonesia they call it suap; in America it’s called lobbying…

9. A lack of commitment to reducing Co2 emissions.

10. And of course – former political leaders with a love of beautiful women…

Where shall we go tonight?

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