Dede: Tree Man Indonesia

This is just amazing:

Dede: Tree Man Indonesia
An Indonesian villager dubbed "Tree Man" for massive bark-like warts growing on his body may be barred from traveling to the United States to receive treatment.

The Tree Man (named Dede) has attracted worldwide attention after featuring in a Discovery Channel documentary about his rare disease, which consists of long root-like tendrils extending from his hands.

A United States health ministry spokeswoman says it's not certain the 32 year old man will be allowed to travel to the US.

American dermatologist Anthony Gaspari, examined the man as part of the documentary and says the growths are a combination of the human papilloma virus and a genetic disorder.

He says he's still in talks with a US pharmaceutical company to provide him with an ongoing supply of vitamin A, which would hopefully boost his immune system and hinder the growth of the warts.

Source: Radio Australia, AFP

But hold on a second – how on earth did he get his shirt over his head? As if his hands would fit through the sleeves! Is someone trying to pull the wood over our eyes?!!!!!

But actually it’s not a joke and the warts started to grow after he cut himself and contracted a virus. There are plans to help him – possibly be freezing off the warts – but he’ll never be able to live a normal life again.

God bless him. Poor chap.

NB: if you want to visit him, and give him some support, he lives in Cililin – only a few hours from Jakarta.


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