High Rise Jakarta

The tenants of the high-rise abandon all notions of moral and social etiquette, as their environment gives way to a hunter/gatherer culture, where humans gather together in small clans, claim food sources from where they can (including the many dogs in the building, and eventually even the other tenants), and every stranger is met with extreme violence.

> JG Ballard

photo: the peak

Yours for a cool US$800,000!!

A penthouse at “The Peak”

Great views (provided there’s no smog), wi-fi access, 24-hour room service, on-call massage girls (naturally) and direct lift access to all units. You can also “monitor and adjust the temperature of the apartments through the Internet,” claim the developers. But why the heck would you want to do that if you are not even there?

But “The Peak” isn’t the only luxury apartment tower block to have been built in Jakarta recently. In fact, they’re sprouting up all over the place. And many more are planned. But if there is one project that is the Mecca of them all it must be the “Jakarta Pray Tower”.

The brainchild of Suharto and his pals, the wily old president had said that the construction of the world’s tallest tower in Indonesia would help improve Indonesia’s image as well as harness feelings of nationalist pride.

But the economy tanks in 1998, and some people are strangely enough
more interested in burning down buildings rather than erecting them. So the project is left in limbo until it is finally resurrected in 2003 by – wait for it…

… the Indonesian Bethany Church!!!!

The 'new' prayer tower reflects the principles of the new management; it is expected to be a 'Christian Center' and a commerce, multimedia, and broadcasting center. It will also host a mall, hotel, education offices and an observatory deck. A large statue of Jesus Christ will apparently be placed at the top of the building, only slightly smaller than the one it is based on in Rio de Janeiro.

The height of the building will be 558 m, some 5 m higher than the CN Tower. However, after the soon- to-be-completed construction of the Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower (in Guangzhou, China) that is to be 610 m (2,001 ft.) tall, the Jakarta TV Tower will be the second tallest. And by the time of completion (2010 or 2011), it may be also superseded by Burj Dubai, Russia Tower and The Chicago Spire.

As for the cost of the project? Well, initially it was estimated to be around Rp 1.4 trillion, but it has since ballooned to almost Rp 2.7 trillion following sharp increases in the prices of commodities worldwide – particularly for steel.

All this money for trillion rupiah skyscrapers but the city authorities can’t even build a flood relief canal or half decent roads. Funny old world, innit?


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