The Olympus Mju 770 SW

A waterproof digital camera? WTF! At first I thought they meant you’d have to put a casing on it. But no – this is a camera that is actually waterproof up to 10m!

It’s also crushproof under 100kg of weight and can even withstand being dropped from a height of 1.5m onto a hard surface like concrete.

Now that’s what I call a camera!

Sure you can’t beat digital SLRs of course, but there are times when you want something smaller and much lighter to carry. Especially if you are a backpacker.

The Olympus Mju 770 SWFeatures wise, it doesn’t disappoint either: 3x optical zoom (covering 38-114mm focal length equivalent), an 80-1600 ISO range (good for low light situations) and a more than respectable 7.1-megapixel resolution. It’s superbly constructed and its brush metal plating gives it an almost industrial feel. No folks. This ain’t no toy.

It also has 24 scene modes, including underwater macro and underwater snapshot, making it an excellent camera for snorkellers.

Just think – no need to worry about wasting another camera...


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