Pawn Wars

Incredibly, the Icelandic parliament has passed one of the harshest anti-pawn laws in the world.

The maximum penalty for getting caught with your trousers down is three years in prison. Pretty tough I reckon. Especially compared to most other countries where your wife just gives you the cold shoulder for a few days.

In addition, the fines are absolutely massive, and run into the billions of rupiah.

But what actually constitutes pawn? And what are the fines for each viewing offense?

Well here are the fine details courtesy of the Icelandic ministry of dysinformation:

Viewing material --------------Fine
Bikini clad babe -------------------that’s okay (or is it?)
Topless chick ----------------------Rp200 million
Unshaved badger -----------------Rp300 million
Shaved badger --------------------Rp450 million
Cucumber (limp) ------------------Rp400 million
Cucumber (rigid) ------------------Rp600 million
Couplings (1:1)* -------------------Rp1 billion
Y: Y chromosome: ---------------- Rp1.5 billion
Inter-way-shall --------------------Rp2.0 billion!!!!
“Money shot” ----------------------Undecided

* add an additional Rp200 million for each extra participant

I’m okay. Or am I?


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