Jakarta’s Art Deco Kota Train station (BEOS)

Art Deco buildings are very rare in Indonesia. This is because this type of architecture was only in vogue for a relatively short period of time (from 1925 until the 1940s).

The Art Deco style is easily identified by its use of geometric shapes. These shapes are often repeated many times over, and to pleasing effect. Unlike many other art forms, the Art Deco style carries no political or philosophical baggage and is only grounded in aesthetics. But even so, this doesn’t detract from the art form’s unique appeal in my view.

The most famous Art Deco building in Jakarta is the train station in Kota, West Jakarta.

Jakarta’s Art Deco Kota Train station (BEOS)
The station was originally built around 1870 but given a thorough renovation in 1926.

During the colonial times the station was popularly known as the BEOS station - as an abbreviation from the Bataviasche Ooster Spoorweg Maatschapij or the East Batavia's Train Transportation Company – and that name has stuck to the present day.

Jakarta’s Art Deco Kota Train station
Yep, it’s still a fine old station - even today. And long may it stand!


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