Indonesian Logos

Americans watch an awful lot of TV. So much so, that by adulthood they are able to correctly identify thousands and thousands of US corporate logos but apparently very few North American flowers/plants and other types of flora. We are corporate savvy but ecologically ignorant. But hey, then again, when was the last time you were asked what type of dipterocarpus you wanted in your hamburger?

Anyway, back to the brands: what about the Indonesian brands? Do we know them as well as the American ones? Our California fried chicken from our KFC, or our Wismilaks from our Malboros?

Well, to see if we do or not, I’ve collected some Indonesian corporate logos off the net. See how many you can identify. You should do well: most of them are very well known.

Ok, let’s start with an easy one (a) for the cretins among you:

And here are a bunch of well-known corporates (b,c,d,e):

These are a bit more difficult (f,g,h):

And the eagles get everywhere even though they are dying out (i,j,k):

These are a bit tougher (l,m,n,o):

And you might have trouble with these (p,q,r,s):

And as for the Indonesian plants? Well there are definitely three that you should know. Cos back in June 1990, ex president Suharto declared three flowers as Indonesia's national flowers. But do you know what they are?

Key: a) Ancol funpark; b) Telkom, c) Pertamina, d) Garuda, e) Gudang Garam, f) Bakrie & Brothers, g) Extra Joss, h) Hero Supermarket, i) TransJakarta Busway, j) Pos Indonesia, k) Garuda Food, l) Indosat, m) BNI, n) Batik Keris, o) Gramedia Bookshop, p) Sofyan Hotels, q) Sido Muncul, r) Jakarta Stock Exchange, s) Sarinah Dept Store (new logo)

Key for the plants:
a) melati (Jasminum sambac), a small white flower with sweet fragrance
b) the anggrek (Orchid) and
c) the Rafflesia arnoldi – of course.


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