Which premiership club should Indonesians support?

The terrorists may have saved Man U from a humiliating defeat at the hands of an Indonesian All Star (sic) team but they haven’t dampened Indonesians’ enthusiasm for English footy.

Nope not at all - and a couple of games will still be broadcast every Saturday night on
TVONE (however, don’t expect to see either Man U or Chelski on too often although Wigan Athletic and Burnley might be featured quite regularly).

But who should Indonesians support?

Well, surely a club with Indonesian connections, right?

But is there one?

Well, are there any premiership clubs with Indonesian players?


Or premiership clubs owned by Indonesian tycoons?


However, there is one English premiership club which is sponsored by an Indonesian:

Tottenham Hotspur!

Yep, the sponsors being
Mansion of course - no relation to the Mansion House Meths drink one hopes – but rather an online gambling venture owned by Putra Sampoerna, a wily old businessman who sold his cigarette company to the Yanks for a whopping 5 billion US dollars back in 2006.

Cigs and gaming; Sampoerna knows what people want

I was always very skeptical about the Mansion venture, but I have to say Mansion seems to be doing pretty well now that it’s
moved into online “hardcore” gambling i.e. poker (judging by their Alexa ranking of 23,267).

Quite why gamblers trust these internet gambling sites is beyond me – I mean how do they know the odds aren’t being unfairly stacked against them from the start?

And as for Spurs, well they had a great first game in the new season
beating Liverpool 2-1 on Saturday.

100-1 to lift the title?

Not a bad bet in my opinion!!!


  1. Leicester City's 30 percent share is owned by Iman Arif (one of Indonesian FA officials).


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