Three new films that won’t be shown in Indonesian cinemas this year

40 Years of Silence: an Indonesian Tragedy - feature length film on how Indonesia dealt with the red peril and the repercussions of the “events” that took place. The film follows the testimony of four people and their families from Central Java and Bali, two regions heavily affected by the madness.

Bruno - would be great if it was shown in Indonesia – and can you just imagine the reaction it would provoke from the fanatics? As it is, you’ll probably have to make do with the DVD, which, I can report, is already available in “ori” (high quality) format. Enjoy!

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros – another gayfest by the Pilipino director Aureaus Solito, this film profiles the life of a gay boy struggling to survive in the slums of Manila. As his family are a bunch of cell phone thieves, the boy has to face a huge conflict when – believe it or not - he falls in love with a policeman!


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