Heil Hitler in Jakarta, Indonesia!

PIZZAeBIRRA have got an oktoberfest coming up, but rather than enlist the services of some busty German beer-maiden lookalikes to promote the event, they’ve only gone and chosen a picture of the old f├╝hrer instead!


Now I know it’s “only” 60 odd years since WW2 ended, but you’d still think that the Indonesians would find something just a little more pleasant to associate with Germany than one of the most evil human beings to have ever lived, wouldn’t you?

But apparently not.

Now while this is all incredibly insane, it’s actually nothing compared to the infamous urban legend that
Hitler escaped to Indonesia at the end of the war to live – in all places – on the island of Sumbawa!

The idea that Hitler escaped to Sumbawa was ridiculed by many of course, but an interesting finding last week that the skull found in the bunker where Hitler was assumed to have committed suicide was NOT his
but instead belonged to a younger woman gives some credence to the claim that he managed to escape.

But while there is just the slightest of possibilities that Hitler did make it to Sumbawa, there can be pretty much no doubt that he is now dead (else he’d be the ripe old age of 120!).

So good riddance Hitler.

And I really hope I won’t have to see a picture of his ugly mutt again.

But hold on a sec – maybe I’ve spoken too soon…

…cos what the hell are those posters on the roadside over there?!!!!!!!

Hitler, Einstein and Sukarno


  1. lol..omg....it seems you can't think of Germany without Hitler...maybe to Indonesians it's synonymous.I mean which other German individual could Indonesian instantly recognize next to a pizza or beer ad.Karl Marx??yeah..I don't think so.No one likes having their beer rationed.


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