KLM revives the Amsterdam-Bali route!!!

The first time I ever came to Indonesia was on a KLM flight way back in the early 1990s, so news that the Dutch airline has revived its direct flight from Amsterdam to Bali brings back a few memories.

As I recall, the KLM plane I was on - which was on its final leg of the journey back to London - was virtually empty, and as I sat in my seat contemplating a return to “normality”, I lit up a Gudang Garam Surya cigarette and puffed away! Do that today of course and you’d be dragged away screaming once the plane landed to some awful little room where they interrogate suspected terrorists and probably slapped around a bit.

And the fact that I also had a bloody sharp celurit from the island of Madura (as a souvenir) in my hand luggage also probably wouldn’t have worked in my favor! How times change eh?


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