Chilis Bar and Grill Jakarta

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Chili's. The place has been around for years and I even remember going to its soft opening to get a free burger back when ole Suharto was still in power. Being centrally located, the bar at Chili's became a focal point for expat gatherings – especially on Fridays when they sold pitchers of Bintang for half price. Those days are long gone alas, and what is noticeable now is how very high the prices are. A glass of beer will cost you more than Rp50k after tax. The food remains pretty much the same, however – generous portions of Mexican inspired nosh. Fajita, Nachos, Quesadillas. You know the stuff. The steaks and ribs come in generous sizes and are pretty tasty. All in all, a great place for those with huge appetites. Otherwise be ready to get out your doggy bag…

Chilis Bar and Grill Jakarta
Sarinah Bldg 2nd Fl,
JL MH Thamrin 11,
Jakarta, 10350

Telp: (021) 314 6587


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