Rabies in rats and other madness

Uh Oh. This is a pretty worrying development –

It looks like the rat population in Bali has started to get infected with rabies!!!!!

On Thursday night, Tabanan regional hospital's management confirmed the death of 46-year-old Ni Nyoman Koming.

Based on the diagnoses, the victim suffered from rabies symptoms when she was firstly admitted to the hospital on Jan. 13.

The doctor added the patient was bitten by a rat two months ago causing an infected wound on her leg.

the Jakarta Post.

Hell, I can just see it now.

Rabid armies of delirious rodents foaming at the mouth, coming out of the open drains in their millions and descending on Kuta to seek ultimate revenge…Arggh!!!!!

Or maybe not.

Cos rats are very keen to avoid contact with humans and you’ve got to be real unlucky to be bitten by one – although I was many years ago when one of the blighters somehow found its way into my bedroom and gnawed at my hand whilst I was still asleep.

Since then I’ve always slept with gloves on, of course, which although a tad annoying (especially as this is the tropics), does seem to have done the trick –

I have never been bitten again since.

But rabid rats aren’t the only zany thing in Asia.

There’s plenty more.

But be warned. Click on the link below and you’ll be altered forever. No going back and more questions raised than at a DPR inquiry on Bank Century…

Just WTF is it with Asia?!!!!


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