Obama’s Indonesian school records

“I've got relatives who look like Bernie Mac, and I've got relatives who look like Margaret Thatcher.”

>Barack Obama

Young Barry’s Indonesian school certificate is doing the rounds on the net at the moment (click on it to read it):

Obama’s Indonesian school records
Source: AP photo


But what does it mean?

Well, Obama’s detractors say that the document shows that Obama was legally adopted by his Indonesian father, Lolo Soetoro, meaning that Obama is in fact Indonesian and that he should therefore not be US president (but, perhaps, president of Indonesia instead - although SBY might have other thoughts on that!!!). But while this may seem a reasonable assertion is it also wrong. This is because: 1) it is virtually impossible for a foreign male to be awarded Indonesian nationality (do the research yourself) and anyway 2) there is no reason why the authorities would choose the young son of Lolo Soetoro and his mother Ann Dunham to be a noted exception.

Another explanation - as put forward by this site - is that it is “customary” to put the father’s last name and religion on the school forms (rather than the child’s). But this assertion is equally flimsy I believe - in all the time I’ve been in Indonesia I’ve never come across a situation where you’re supposed to fill in YOUR details instead of your kid’s.

Nope, what we have here is young Barry’s parents being rather “economical” with the truth. Perhaps because the school might have been a bit uncomfortable about having a US pupil or perhaps simply because they thought it would help Barry settle in better if he wasn’t perceived to be an “outsider”.

So there we are. Don’t believe me? Well, I also have a document showing that the evil aliens from Planet Thurg are in the latter stages of planning an attack on Earth. But just don’t tell the CIA that, okay?!!!


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