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It must have been a “hard” decision to make but the constitutional court has only gone and upheld the much maligned “anti-pornography law”!

Indonesia's Constitutional Court on Thursday threw out an appeal of a controversial anti-porn law, in a blow to some secular parties, minorities and artists who had said it threatened freedom of expression.

The court said concerns about the law's ambiguity, lack of regard for certain ethnic and religious minorities, and its potential to incite vigilantism, were exaggerated. There was one dissenting opinion from the panel of eight judges.

Washington Post

In typical fashion, of course, the lawmakers couldn’t “get their heads around” the issues at hand and - rather than rejecting this nonsense outright - have instead upheld a law which defines pawn in such “broad” terms that it even makes the Taliban look liberal.

In the final legislation, pornography is described as "pictures, sketches, photos, writing, voice, sound, moving picture, animation, cartoons, conversation, gestures, or other communications shown in public with salacious content or sexual exploitation that violate the moral values of society."

But sexuality is a fundamental part of what it means to be human. And you can NEVER legislate against that.

And to prove it, here's a porn test I've devised for the Constitutional Court:

Pic 1: I took this pic while in Semanggi Plaza on Sunday. Can’t quite remember the exact name of the restaurant. Frankfurter Joes or something. And it wasn’t only the girls who were eating these wonderful sausages either.

Pic 2: Interesting thing the human body and this is an extremely “vital” organ. But be warned – you may be tempted to go poking around in there - but good hygiene is very, very important. So make sure you wash your hands well beforehand to avoid any infections.

Human eye
Wonderful thing, the human eye (if you see anything else you are a VERY sick and dirty person)

Pic 3: Jakarta is not a particularly well-lit city so I am always pleased to come across a streetlamp. Especially when it looks as good as this.



  1. Okay I have two eyes:

    1.I see a tongue licking a sausage
    I see tomato sauce being poured on a sausage.
    But they are both sausages and no i don't think i can confuse them for anything else.

    2.I see a vagina.
    I see a man's eye..maybe a pervert because of the way he's looking at me.Perhaps maybe peeking.Well nothing to see folks.hehe..back to work.

    3.i see and black thong with legs spread.
    i see a street lamp.

    wow...damn u know they blocked all the porn sites now.but it's okay i prefer porn me old fashioned.


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