Versace Indonesia

WTF moments come thick and fast in Indonesia.

This time I’m in South Jakarta, crossing the road and carefully avoiding the lunatic motorcycle riders who speed toward me, when I notice an enormous mansion shimmering in the distance, seemingly covered in gold!!!

Curiosity often squashes the Jakarta cat but I still feel compelled to get a closer look at this architectural masterpiece. So I make my way over there.

Five minutes of walking later and this is what I see:

 Versace House in South Jakarta

An absolutely gargantuan house – my picture doesn’t do it justice – which seemingly pays homage to the celebrated gay fashion designer Gianni Versace who was tragically murdered by a psychopathic rent boy.

Closer inspection and you can make out the trademark lions.

 Versace lion Jakarta
Yep. This is a true Versace pad alright, right down to the finest details. Quite incredible but just a tad ostentatious don’t you think, given the harsh poverty not so far away?

Heck, whatever next?
Gilt edged houses of worship? Well you shouldn’t be surprised…


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