Sandi Wedhus: the foul-mouthed four-year old smoker!

It’s officially the silly season (*) in Indonesia and all sorts of nonsense is being reported in the media.

One of the most bizarre stories surrounds Sandi Wedhus – a four-year old kid who smokes tabs and swears like a trooper!

The little kid shot to stardom after someone posted a video of the fag-puffing toddler up on YouTube.

In the video, our young hero – who comes from Surabaya - is seen taking a drag on a fag and making a well known gesture with his other hand:

balita merokok, balita bejat, Sandi Wedhus
And when young Sandi hasn’t got a fag in his gob he certainly knows how to gab:

"Duite digawe...? (What do you spend your money on..?)," they asked.

"Mba... (Girls)," he sniggered.

"Nang endi? (from where?)," they asked

"Dolly (Indonesia’s largest red light district: Ed)," he replied.

He then takes a huge drag on the fag and blows an impressive O shaped smoke circle!

balita merokok, balita bejat, Sandi Wedhus
"Ayo bikin yang bentuk kotak!" (but can you make one in a square shape?)”, says someone taking the piss.

But Sandi doesn’t think the joke’s so funny, grimaces, and then fires off a barrage of really spicy expletives, demonstrating a really impressive knowledge of female anatomy for a four year old.

I won’t repeat what he said but it doesn’t sound great coming from a little kid.

And as for where his parents are in all this, it isn’t made clear.

Hell, it’s the same old story.

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to procreate, should they?

(*) The silly season is the name for the period lasting for a few months (starting in mid to late summer in the Northern Hemisphere) in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Australia and refers to the prevalence of frivolous news stories in the media. The term was apparently coined in the 19th century and is listed in the second edition of Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. In Indonesia, where the climate is tropical, the silly season is said to last all year long.


  1. This kid will make people on 4chan feel embarrassed.


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