Die Stube Bar, Kemang

Every city has its British pub, its Irish boozer and its German, er, parlor? Kemang has all three – and all are within easy walking distance of each other. In fact, they are so close that you could easily switch between them over the course of an evening’s drinking – although attempting to cross Jalan Kemang Raya when moderately drunk is probably only slightly less risky than trying to take a chicken away from a ravenous Komodo dragon; a desperate pub crawl where the last one standing is probably also the last one living! Hahaha!

Die Stube Bar, Kemang

So what can you say about Die Stube? Well, it’s an eminently hospitable little place which can, naturally, only be judged on one criteria: its beer. And in this regard, it passes the test with flying colors, stocking a number of excellent German beers including Erdinger Weissbier, the classic wheat beer from Bavaria.

No less authentic is the German grub. Such German classics like Strammer Max, hhnerfrikassee, and rinderrouladen are on the menu in their full glory, and whilst the words may not exactly roll off the tongue, you can always point to what you want, safe in the knowledge that the waitresses have (‘nt) heard this all before.


Die Stube
Plaza Bisnis Kemang,
Jalan Kemang Raya 2,
Jakarta 12730
Telp (021) 5369 0808


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