10 strangest Indonesian names

1. Batman Suparman. His parents obviously had high hopes for their son, naming him not after one superhero but two! Things didn’t quite turn out as expected, however, as Batman was recently jailed in Singapore for a host of offenses including theft, trespassing and illegal drug use. His parents obviously named him after the wrong superhero – “Joker” would have been far more apt!

2. Yessie Vibrator. A rather trashy looking dangdut singer, Yessie gets the vibe wherever she goes…

3. Paris Hotman. One of Indonesia’s most successful lawyers, Paris Hotman gained attention internationally when he agreed to be part of the legal team for the busty drug trafficker Schapelle Corby. Unfortunately for Corby, she still went down for 20 years. Hotman wasn’t quite as hot as his name suggests it seems…

4. Kennedy Muslim. A well known character in Indonesia’s Twittersphere, his name alludes to all sorts of contradictions. Wonderful.

5. Kombes Pol. Drs. Napoleon Bonapart. Name your kid after a revolutionary French politician. Why not eh?

6. Lucky Andreono. An Indonesian masterchef, his parents obviously thought he needed more than just raw talent.

7. Hilarius S. Laoli. Hahaha! This name cracks me up!

8. Megawati. Did Sukarno name his daughter after the unit of electricity for power stations? Hopefully not.

9. Adolf Situmorang. Yes he has a mustache too.

10. Happy Salma. If you’re gonna name your daughter after one of the seven dwarfs, Happy is definitely preferable to either Grumpy or Dopey.


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