Emporium Hotel/Spa Jakarta

It’s late at night and you need some help to clarify the meaning of a business proposal written in one of those esoteric Eastern European languages. What do you do? Well, you could always try to track down someone at one of the embassies of course. But if that proved fruitless it might be better to head over to Jalan Pencongan in the Pasar Baru district of Central Jakarta and seek out the garish looking Emporium Hotel and Spa where a motley assortment of the finest looking Eastern European (and Chinese) girls will welcome you with open hands (and probably a lot more).

Emporium Hotel/Spa Jakarta

Despite facing many “legal” difficulties in the past, the future for Emporium now looks even brighter than its recent paintjob as it has been acquired by the owner of the legendary Alexis Hotel (he who must not be named), who, you will not be surprised to learn, knows “all the right people”.

The facilities include a lounge (with so called “non-stop” sexy dancers), a spa and massage, and the obligatory karaoke parlor where you can croon to your heart’s content.

For those facing time constraints, simply try the “one hour special package” which allows you to choose how much time you spend poolside and how much time in the room. Inquire for prices.

And if she can’t help you with the translation? Well, you haven’t come in vain have you? Hahaha!

Emporium Spa and Hotel
Jl. Pecenongan Raya no 29-31
Central Jakarta

Tel: (021) 352 1133


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