Outback Steakhouse (Kuningan City)

I don't like expectations.
~Rashida Jones

I had high hopes for Outback Steakhouse. I really did. A fancy restaurant in a fancy mall. Alas, I should have known better. Don’t get your hopes up too high – or you’ll surely be disappointed…


The Restaurant: Typical theme restaurant format: nice wooden tables, low hanging lights, a bright and breezy bar, and deep, comfortable seats.

The Taste: We chose sirloin steaks (which come with two side dishes of your choice). The best thing I can say is that the baked potato was fine. As for the steaks, well, they reminded me a lot of the beef I used to get served for school diners – tough and pretty tasteless. I’m not sure what the antonym for “juicy” is, but that word would be perfect to describe the slabs of meat put in front of us. As for the side serving of vegetables, well let me say that the portion so served was so miserly that even Ebenezer Scrooge would have served a large portion had he been the owner of a steakhouse restaurant. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear.

The Service: Let’s just say that the staff are still in the learning process

The Price: Very expensive (Rp200k++ for all main courses). Not good value at all.

Verdict: When you go for a steak and the best thing you can say is that the baked potato tasted fine then you know you haven’t had a great experience. Q Smokehouse beats this place hands down…

Outback Steakhouse

Ratu Plaza
Ratu Plaza Shooping Centre Ground Floor Unit G 010
Jl. Jend. Sudirman 9th Jakarta 10270, Indonesia
Phone : (6221) 7252188
Fax : (6221) 7257166

Pondok Indah
Pondok Indah Mall 1 1t Floor Unit 153 B
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah Blok III B Jakarta 12310, Indonesia
Phone : (6221) 7506771
Fax : (6221) 7506773

Kuningan City
Kuningan City Mall G11 - G15 Ground Floor J
Jl. Prof Dr. Satrio Kav 18 Jakarta Selatan 12940, Indonesia
Phone : (6221) 30480505
Fax : (6221) 30480501

Website : www.outback-sea.com
Facebook : Outback Steakhouse Indonesia
Twitter : @OutbackIN


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