SENNHEISER 228 headphones review

Not happy with the shitty headphones you are using on your Ipod, smartphone or even connected to the office computer? Then get something better!

Like the SENNHEISER 228. I picked up two pairs of these – one for myself and one for my daughter – and got a 20 percent discount. These headphones are great for listening to portable music devices for several reasons:

1) they are lightweight and very comfortable. Some people think that good headphones have to look like those ridiculously large cans that DJs wear in the studio, but they are wrong. The SENNHEISER 228 may be lightweight but they pack a punch even if the bass is not as good as on larger headphones.

2) They have fairly high Sensitivity (110 dB). This means your smartphone or IPod can drive them okay – i.e. you will be able to listen to music at sufficiently loud levels.

3) They sound great. Now you can hear music again. The details come to life, the treble is natural and the bass is solid but not excessive or muffled.

4) They are portable – the earbuds can be turned 90 degrees, meaning these headphones can easily be transported without worrying about damaging them.

5) They are very well made. Cheap headphones don’t last long. These SENNHEISER 228 are very well made and should last you well (they come with a two year warranty as all SENNHEISER headphones do).

6) They are affordable. Retailing for only around US$50-70, these headphones are excellent value for money.

7) As they are the closed-back design, they do a pretty good job of blocking out background sounds. This makes them a good choice if you want to use them on noisy trains/buses.

8) They are sexy. I mean they look great and you don’t look like a nerd wearing them!

SENNHEISER 228 headphones


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