Stadium nightclub Jakarta

Yes, Stadium is “Easily’ the best nightclub in Chinatown. But whatever you do, don’t be tempted. It’s just not worth it. You only have to look at what happened to Australia’s very own marijuana queen Schapelle Corby to realize that.

marijuana queen Schapelle Corby

To get to Stadium necessitates a trip (pun unintended!) to Jakarta’s grubby downtown area of Chinatown.

During the daytime this part of town is a veritable nightmare of traffic congestion and pollution. But in the cooler air of a late Jakarta evening, it takes on a neon-lit charm all of its very own.

But Stadium doesn’t put on any pretentious airs – and it doesn’t need to. This is house music at its most visceral – a homage to the nocturnal techno gods played out in a suitable subversive and decadent venue.

Stadium nightclub Jakarta

Admittedly, this is not a particularly good place to meet girls. It’s not that they aren’t there (they are in a physical sense) but many are so tripped out that they could just as well be on planet Mars.

Stadium is particularly known for its marathon weekend parties, which according to legend, begin on Friday night, and go on, nonstop, until Monday morning. So get out the Kratingdaeng. A caseful!!!

NB: Check out the Stadium website for forthcoming events and special DJ appearances (many from overseas).

Stadium nightclub Jakarta
Jalan Hayam Wuruk 111
Telp (021) 626 3323


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