Eka Purnama Cottages, Amed, Bali: Review

Eka Purnama Hotel, Amed, Bali
Bali's most remote hotel? Well, that might sound like a strange concept on an island overrun with sun burnt tourists in the south, but in East Bali, where serenity still reigns (for the time being at least), it gets pretty quiet on the coastal road, and almost at its end you can find the Eka Purnama cottages, one of Bali's most remote hotels.

A few minutes walk away from the hotel is a beach where, if conditions are right, you can snorkel the wreak of an old Japanese boat.

And as for the evenings, it's very very quiet, so don't forget to bring plenty of reading material or a willing lover!

Eka Purnama Cottages
Indonesia 80852

Telp: +62 (0)828 372 2642


  1. Totally agree with you. My favourite place in Bali. We chose Eka Purnama after visiting several other nice locations in the Amed area. We were immediately struck by its incredible sense of spaciousness- the beautiful breeze, the uninterrupted views across the sea towards Lombok from the rooms, the multiple terraces and the intelligently designed open-plan restaurant. The hosts have a wonderful balance of family-like warmth and generosity without being at all intrusive. Example:we were given an incredible birthday treat- a surprisingly high-standard Legong performance by local dancers.


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