Kimochi Spa

Those who hurt others will also hurt themselves.”
~ Natsuki Takaya


No, Kimochii.

Or better still Kimochii!!!!!!!! – with a really long drawn out final i – the Japanese way to say "Ooh, what a feeling” and a perfectly apt name for this spa-cum-massage joint in the heart of Jakarta’s infamous Mangga Besar district.

Think of the Japanese and what they are famous for and you will think of stuff like sushi, samurai, kamikaze, Geisha girls, manga, kimonos and koi.

And of course sexual fetishes - mostly merely wacky and bizarre, yet others more disturbing than erotic, and some even flirting dangerously close to the line which divides the morally acceptable from the amorously abhorrent.

Are these the Asian “values” we are so often reminded of? Probably not. But it would be good if they were.

In one particularly famous seijin (or adult magna), the story revolves around the life of Koizumi Shintarou, a 30 year old man who has been isolated in his room for 15 years. His father has lost hope for his son and decides to marry a remarkably beautiful woman young enough to be his daughter. But things quickly change when Koizumi’s father suddenly dies from cancer and Koizumi has to get used to living together with just the beautiful young girl - who is naturally committed to taking “care” of him.

Here in Kimochi spa it is a similar tale and the massage girls will also take good care of you.

There are a good selection of girls to choose from and you can even ponder your choice online before coming here – although be warned – sometimes the girl that you want may not be available.

My two favorites are Chintya and Yuke.

Who are yours?

Kimochi Spa
Jl. Mangga Besar VIII
Telp: (021) 626 1082


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