Q Smokehouse (Senopati)

My favorite animal is steak.
~Fran Lebowitz

You can get the man out of the jungle but you can’t get the jungle out of a man, so the prospect of a trip to this tidy little restaurant in the affluent tree-lined district of Senopati literally left me drooling in anticipation of sinking my teeth into some succulent raw steak.


The Restaurant: Nice laid-back rustic vibe to the place with brick walls, soft lighting, modern seating and a few sofas chucked in for good measure. No vines to hang from but apart from that it was fine (not vine!)

The Taste: We ordered four steaks for three people – two for me! – and as you can see in the picture below they looked superb. The taste did not disappoint either – the steaks were juicy, tasty, mercifully free of fat and very tender, albeit a tad salty (not that I don’t like that). The steaks were served with the obligatory French fries (shame they weren’t potato wedges) but a nice touch was the excellent watergrass with olive oil.

Q Smokehouse (Senopati)

Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee makes a change from the usual es teh manis!

The Service: Not too bad although the waiter’s rather lacking communication skills would (hopefully) rule him out of a job as an air traffic controller.

The Price: Most steaks are in the Rp100k-300k range. Certainly not cheap but this is quality fare so what do you expect? Drinks cost Rp20k plus.

The Verdict: A very good steakhouse in the mid-price range. They also do Mexican foods which I’ll have to try on my next visit…

Q Smokehouse
Jl. Suryo No. 20,
Kebayoran Baru,
South Jakarta
Telp: ( 021) 723 5728


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