Kantor Pos Pasar Baru

On a recent sojourn around the Pasar Baru area of central Jakarta and I came across this old post office on Jalan Pos:

Kantor Pos Pasar Baru Jakarta

And tempo dulu, in 1947:

 Kantor Pos Pasar Baru tempo dulu

About the only visible difference appear to be that the post office used to have a clock!

Notably, this is the first post office to be built in Jakarta (around the mid-1850s) - and with its huge arch the building bears a close resemblance to the marvelous Art Deco Kota railway station located further to the north.

Credit should also be given to the Indonesian Post Office for maintaining the building in such excellent condition (the same cannot be said of the Jakarta local government whose painful mismanagement of the historic Kota area of Jakarta means that many fine old buildings are now gradually rotting away).
Kantor Pos Pasar Baru
Jalan Pos,
No 1 Pasar Baru,
Sawah Besar,
Central Jakarta


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