Rancamaya Golf & Country Estate

Rancamaya Golf and Country Club is located near to the hillside town of Bogor, and only around an hour’s drive from Jakarta (depending on the toll road traffic)!

To get there, take the Ciawi toll road exit (to avoid the traffic of Bogor) and look out for the turning on the right which takes you into the estate.

And wow, what a surprise!

No dark grays as in Jakarta, but lush greens and a true, blue sky. And the air! My god the air! Compared to Jakarta’s noxious brew, breathing this stuff is like sucking down nitrox - the pure oxygen that advanced divers use when they plan especially deep dives!

Getting around the estate is very easy, as it is so well laid out. We found our villa in 10 minutes and were blown away by the panoramic views of the valley below and Gunung Salak in the distance.

And it wasn’t long before the steaks were sizzling and the wines and beers were flowing.

Paradise yes. And this close to Jakarta – unbelievable!

* If you fancy your own country hideaway, expect to spend at least Rp1 billion for a modest sized villa. Larger villas cost in the range of Rp3-10 billion, and the one we stayed in – which is very large indeed – would probably cost Rp20 billion plus.


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