Jakarta proposes “Semanggi Interchange at rush hour” as new seven wonder!

What’s your favorite man made seven wonder? The Taj Mahal? The Colosseum? Or the Great Wall of China, perhaps?

Yes, these are all impressive feats of human endeavor but the tourism authorities in Jakarta are not happy and believe that there should be a new addition to the list.

The Semanggi Interchange at rush hour!!!

Semanggi Interchange at rush hour

Enjoy Jakarta

The Semanggi interchange - perhaps the most congested in Jakarta - is a haphazard confluence of traffic lanes where decrepit buses hurtle forward like deranged dogs, narrowly missing waiting passengers.

Remarkably, no-one has yet been killed.

As regular metro mini user Ani Setiawati recently commented to her friend whilst waiting for a bus at the chaotic scene:

"It’s bloody dangerous! Absolute madness. It's a Wonder someone isn't killed there every day!"

At the scene overhearing Ani was an official, and so impressed by her insightful views decided it would be a great idea to propose the Interchange as a new seven wonder.

It’s a Wonder permission was ever granted for the Semanggi shopping mall to be built in such a busy place,” added the official. “but where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Tours for tourists are being planned and the idea is to have them experience the Wonder of excruciatingly bad traffic jams, dysfunction traffic management and high pollution levels firsthand.

“Give it time and more tourists will visit Jakarta than Bali,” said the upbeat official. “Wonderful!!!”



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