Red Square Jakarta

Red Square Jakarta

Get drunk and stay that way.
On what?
On wine, poetry, virtue, whatever.
But get drunk.


Vodka may be the tipple of the proletariat but the plush Red Square vodka bar at Plaza Senayan will certainly be beyond the reach of the masses - one drink here costs around 10 bucks, or considerably more than Jakarta’s daily minimum wage!

Rather, admission is reserved for card-carrying party members only, that is Jakarta’s so-called “elite”.

But no system is completely infallible and a number of imposters do manage to trick their way in – most disguising themselves (although that’s probably not the right term) in extremely sexy and revealing outfits.

As a pressure release from the stresses of Jakarta daily life, I’ve always maintained that it is vital to “let go” at least once in a while and enjoy some of the city’s more hedonistic offerings.

In pursuit of such lofty goals, some get taken on a long and winding road – which is most probably jammed and potholed as well - and end up in places like
Alexis or Club 36 in the north of the city, or perhaps one of the down-to-earth girly bars in the south at Blok M.

But the appeal of such places soon wears thin and a “better class” of establishment becomes an enticing prospect.

Like Red Square.

This dark retreat attracts decadent denizens by the bucketful and despite being moderately spacious can be as packed as a Jakarta bus during rush hour(s) if you go there on the weekend (Friday/Saturday). This is no bad thing, however, and helps give the place an “edgy closeness”, which when aided by the social lubricant called alcohol can make for a very interesting evening indeed.

The bartenders like to show off a bit and juggle vodka bottles with special fire effects but I reckon if you pulled the latest party trick of
drinking neat vodka through the eyes (I shit you not!) you’d definitely outdo them.

Come here with a thick wallet and the world’s your oyster. Well for one night at least!

Red Square Jakarta

Go to Red Square and you could well be on your knees by the end of the evening.

Red Square Jakarta
Plaza Senayan Arcadia
Unit X210-211 Jl. New Delhi No 9
Pintu I Senayan
Jakarta 12710

Tel: (021) 5790 1281


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