I-ta Suki Restaurant: healthy food can be tasty too!

Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.
~Hippocrates (460-377BC)

Indonesians, like the Scots, love their grease. But while you’ll be hard-pressed to find any deep-fried mars bars in Indonesia, what you will find instead are a wide variety of fried foods - from fish, chicken and rice to martabak, tempe and tahu - all positively drenched in cooking oil. But watch out. Eat too much of this stuff and it’s only a matter of time before you can feel your arteries getting more clogged up than a typical kampung sewer during the monsoon season.

A welcome respite from this coronary hardening madness is I-ta Suki, an Asian-themed restaurant which focuses mainly on fish and seafood. And none of it fried! Rather, you make your selections from a wide variety of foods – such as crab, fish, seafood, green vegetables, seaweed, etc – before they are brought over to your table and then cooked in front of you, hotpot style (which only takes about 5-10 minutes).

To spice things up, the restaurant provides a number of extremely tasty in-house sauces in which to dip your food.

As for drinks, choose the green tea if you wish to stay on the enlightened path to good health. Otherwise, a range of typically sweet and sugary drinks are available – es lemon teh etc – but that’s another story altogether!

Prices are reasonable. Expect to pay around Rp100-150k per person, depending of course on how much food you order.

So successful has I-ta Suki been, that they’ve now established a chain of restaurants in Jakarta:

Pluit Junction, Ground Floor Unit No. #10 - 10B, #11, Jl. Pluit raya No. 1.
Tlp. (021) 66607454 , (021) 66607455.

Plaza Indonesia
EX Plaza Indonesia Jl. Mh. Thamrin , Jakarta Pusat Tlp. (021) 29923501
F. (021) 29923501

Supermal Karawaci
Supermal Karawaci # UG 11 A Tanggerang Banten Tlp. (021) 542 11561 F. (021) 542 11546

Living Word
Living Word Mal Alam Sutra Jl. Boulevard Kav 21 GF # 29 Serpong Tanggerang
Tlp. (021) 29239460.

Express Tang City
Tangerang city Mall Ground Floor no A19, Jln. Jend Sudirman tangerang
Cikokol . Tlp. (021) 29309755.

Central Park
Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya , Jakarta Barat Tlp / F .(021) 569 85580

Gandaria City
Gandaria City Mal. UG # MU 376. Jl. KHM. Syafii Hadzmi no 8 Gandaria
Kebayoran Baru Jakarta selatan 12240 Tlp. (021) 29007940 F.(021)

Blue Sky Pandurata Boutiqe Hotel Jl. Raden Saleh no. 12 Jakarta 10330
Indonesia Tlp.(021) 3905205. F. (021) 390 5206.

Kota Kasablanka
Kota kasablanka Mall lantai UG .# FSU.06, Jln. Raya Casablanca No.88.
Jakarta Selatan
Tlp. (021) 29464985



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