Jackrabbit Bar Jakarta

There are certainly no lack of upmarket bars in Jakarta, but it’s quite easy to find yourself stepping into a joint so quiet and dead that you could just as well be in the Tanah Kusir graveyard, South Jakarta.

Fortunately, however, this is not the case with Jackrabbit, a really “happening” and buzzing bar located in the Kuningan district of central Jakarta.

All posh bars seem to have concepts these days and Jackrabbit is no different, ambitiously shunning Jakarta’s thrust into a heartless modern age and instead returning us to the glamour of the so-called “roaring 20s”.

As befits a city up to its knees in a swill of elitist corruption, Jackrabbit takes its name from a legendary American bank robber of German descent who, in the depression-era United States: 

…was charged with, but never convicted of, the murder of an East Chicago, Indiana police officer during a shoot-out. This was his only alleged homicide, and was likely not his action. His gang robbed two dozen banks and four police stations. Dillinger escaped from jail twice.

John Dillinger aka Jackrabbit
John Dillinger aka Jackrabbit, the legendary 1920’s gangster – he’d feel very much at home in today’s Jakarta. 

Entering Jackrabbit you will be impressed: a huge 14 meter long marble-top bar dominates the scene – as it should - and the high ceilings give the bar some space, so you don’t feel like you are locked in a cage – like a jackrabbit!

If it all feels a little bit familiar that may be because the people behind the design of Jackrabbit are also responsible for two of Jakarta’s most acclaimed and popular upmarket eating/drinking establishments: the stylish Potato Head at Pacific Place and Loewy, which is only a few minutes away from Jackrabbit.

It’s up and above, however, where the bar’s star attraction can be found – a seemingly “floating” mezzanine area for up to 20 guests which actually hangs from the ceiling and cost a cool US$100k+ to construct.

Besides drinks, food is very much on the menu here - the appropriately exotic dishes including Rosemary Chicken Macaroni and Cheese and Wagyu Beef and Salted Egg Fried Rice.

To add an additional zest to the place, the bar is managed by a celebrity couple, mixologist Carson Quinn and his divine wife, the very sexy TV chef Farah Quinn.


Farah Quinn
If you’re lucky you might get your cocktail served by Farah Quinn. Probably not in her nighty, though. 

Cyber 2 Tower, ground floor,
Jalan HR Rasuna Said, X5 No. 13,
South Jakarta
Telp: (21) 2902 1357
URL: http://www.jackrabbitjakarta.com/


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