Malioboro Spa and was the famous street in Yogyakarta really named after an English general?

If he were still around today, I’m sure that the man widely regarded as England’s finest ever general, General Marlborough, would be chuffed to know that the main street in the historic city of Yogyakarta (Jalan Malioboro) is named after him. (*)

But Yogyakarta is not the only place where he is honored. Because here in Jakarta you can find the Malioboro Hotel & Spa, an altogether quite different sort of place, but one where the playboy general would undoubtedly have felt very much at home (Marlborough was once described by a British Lord as "irresistible to either man or woman" because of his “pretty boy” good looks).

General Marlborough
Located on Jalan Gajah Mada, this fortress of modern day iniquity lacks the old time charm of an English castle but boasts a host of facilities including a Sauna Room, Steam Room, Gym, Theatre, Wine Bar, Resto & Lounge.

To top it all, there’s even a Carrefour nearby - although shopping for groceries is unlikely to be at the top of your agenda while staying here!

The delightful damsels in distress are a sight to behold and always looking to be rescued by a knight in shining armor. But watch out - blessed with a seemingly unquenchable thirst, they will try to keep ordering expensive drinks for as long as they can to increase their commissions!

Yup, the Malioboro’s no holes barred (sic) reputation is certainly well-earned. So don’t be surprised if you are offered breakfast in bed.

For three! Hahaha!

Room Rates:
• Transit (6 hours): Rp200,000
• Standard: Rp500,000
• Deluxe: Rp750,000
• Executive: Rp1,500,000
• Royal Suite: Rp5,000,000
• Royal Suite (3 hours): Rp2.420.000

Malioboro Hotel & Spa Jakarta
Komp.Wisma Niaga Veteran RI,
Jalan Gajah Mada no.13
Jakarta 10130
Phone: (6221) 638 50000

(*) Is Yogyakarta’s famous Jalan Malioboro really named after a British general? Well that’s what the locals say. But I don’t believe it – it simply doesn’t make any sense. After all, why would the famous old street, with all its huge ceremonial and historical importance, be named after an (undeserving) foreigner? A British general who, although a masterful tactician, had the audacity to shag the King of England’s most noteworthy mistress, the
insatiable Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland? Well it took some time but I finally managed to dig out an interesting little academic paper (PDF - right click, save as) which offers pretty convincing evidence that Jalan Malioboro is not named after the British General but instead comes from the Sanskrit “mâlyabhara”, meaning “Garland Bearing”, an apt name for a road used for ceremonial purposes. Incidentally, the British “Marlborough” refers to the place in Wiltshire and is a hereditary title in the Peerage of England. The first holder of the title was John Churchill (1650–1722) (to whom the title “General Marlborough” refers) and he was an ancestor of none other than the great politician Winston Churchill!!!


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