Waterbom Jakarta

There are three main water parks in Jakarta:

1) the new but ridiculously overcrowded Snowbay water park in the Suharto-inspired Taman Mini complex, South Jakarta,

2) The venerable Atlantis water park in Ancol - now unfortunately more rundown than your average Jakarta slum,

3) the aptly named Waterbom in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta - a bit more expensive than the other two, but hey – you get what you pay for right?

Barring a medical condition like a weak heart or aquaphobia, water parks are a lot of fun. Best of all are the speed slides. You go down so fast that you either feel the most exhilarating rush since your last orgasm or make a quick beeline to the nearest bog to throw up.

Besides the speed slides, Waterbom has other great rides to try including my favorite, the Hairpin, a real gutwrencher of a ride that sends you down a slide at dizzying speeds in a large inflatable tube with up to three others. Yeah I am only 10 years old at heart.

 Waterbom Jakarta

For less hectic thrills you can float down Waterbom’s artificial “river”, sunbathe and even – if you are lucky – enjoy some of the eye candy on display. 

My only real criticism of the place is that Waterbom doesn’t have a decently sized swimming pool - only a rather shallow pool more suited to just messing around in. Oh yeah, that and the fact that you can’t take any food or drinks in and have to buy their stuff at pretty inflated prices, which, judging by the Goodyear hamburger I chewed on, is not exactly the last word in haute cuisine.

A recent improvement has been to the lockers. Previously you had to pay for each time you wanted to lock it but now, thankfully, you get a key and can use the locker as many times as you like. Useful if you are a forgetful b****** like me!

Make sure to bring proper swimming clothes or Waterbom won’t allow you to use the slides. Another essential (for the palefacers like me) is sun cream. Unless you course you want to risk turning a bright shade of lobster red courtesy of a savage coastal sun.

Although, like I said before, the prices are pretty high, they often have special offers like pay 2 for 3 etc.

And that’s where I’ll be today!

Waterbom Jakarta

Jl.Pantai Indah Barat No.1
Pantai Indah Kapuk,
Jakarta 14470
(62 21) 5596 66 66
(62 21) 5596 66 88


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