10 most impressive skyscrapers in Jakarta (part two)

6. The Davinci Penthouse
Ostentatious wankerdom never strikes a pleasing cord in a city with so much poverty, but this building is so utterly crass and fake that it is actually rather interesting. Exclusively reserved for 30 families mind you.

7. Ciputra World
Ol’ Ciputra is one of Indonesia’s canniest businessmen and despite being all-but-wiped-out by the devastating 1997-98 financial crisis, he has bounced back in spectacular style with his highly ambitious Ciputra World projects. The first of these is a massive structure which combines commercial office space, exclusive residential apartments, and the jewel in the crown: a Raffles Hotel (!!!) set for a 2014 opening.

8. Equity Tower
This luxury grade A skyscraper has a prime location in the city’s central business district and features intricate triangular framing on its glass fa├žade.

9. Standard Chartered Building
Oldish building but I love the cubism (was it designed by Picasso, I wonder!)

10. Intiland Tower
Another classic, this antiquity was completed back in 1986! The creation of the famous American architect Paul Rudolph, the tower is noted for having plants as an integral part of its design, making it one of Jakarta’s few “green concept” buildings.

All these skyscrapers would, however, be dwarfed by the Jakarta Signature Tower, which, if it ever does get built (which I doubt), would stand 638 meters high and have an astonishing 111 floors! Picture here.


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