Role reversal

A few years back everyone dumped the rupiah. It sank like whale faeces to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. On a few crazy occasions it even went to 17,000/USD. Ridiculous queues at foreign banks like Standard Chartered as rich Indonesians put all their money into dollar accounts that pay virtually no interest.

But today, the rupiah is king – in Indonesia at least. No one likes the dollar anymore. If things continue the British pound will soon be worth US$2.

There’s a moral behind all this of course. And it’s very simple. When things get really bad, they probably won’t get worse. Cos when you’re at the bottom, the only way is up. And, conversely, when you’re at the top the only way is down…

Even so, money is money. Maria Eva wanted Rp5 billion, but would have accepted dollars of course. The difference is that with dollars you only need one briefcase to take the money to the bank. With the rupiah you need a van.

But Maria has got no class and doesn’t rank as one of my top Indo celebrities for 2006.

Don’t like classy chicks? Well, there’s always the ayam kampung


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