NU China Kemang

Has the sun finally set on Nu China? Well quite possibly. Nope it’s not that bad a place but I’ve always believed in the old adage that if you want to do something then do it properly. No half measures. So why visit this little club in Kemang when you could be experiencing the raw and decadent clubs in Jakarta’s Chinatown?

Nightclubs so large you can literally get lost in ‘em. Places like Sydney 2000, Sun City and, my pick of the bunch, Stadium. All legendary venues worth enjoying until the early hours, until, inevitably, you crawl back to some strange hotel and wake up around lunchtime with an even stranger girl next to you.

Nu China is, by comparison, a droll affair. Pretentious it may be but the crowds are never big. More like Wigan-home-to-Reading than Madrid-away-to-Man-U. Some pretty girls do make it here but not in large numbers. You also have to pay an admission fee – even midweek. Not great. But if you really do want to party in Kemang, then the wilder Triple 9 might be a better bet. Although please be especially careful in the carpark when you go home!

NU China Kemang

Nu China Bar and Lounge
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 24
South Jakarta


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