Colosseum Jakarta

Colosseum Rome

The Colosseum in Jakarta?

You’ve gotta be joking right?!!! Well, not exactly. Sure you won’t find too many gladiators battling other gladiators or ferocious wild animals - but you will find legions of world weary party-goers living it up like it was there last day on planet earth.

The action all takes place in an arena that spans over 1,000sqm, making it one of the largest – if not the largest club – in Jakarta. Especially impressive is the high ceiling – 16 meters up it is, which affords great views of the stage – whether it’s a brutal fight to the death among gladiators, or far more likely, a live music concert.

Many big names from the Indonesian music industry have played here, although there is a strong emphasis on techno/house party type gigs – often featuring foreign acts - so check out their twitter account (@ColosseumJKT) for the latest info.

The club is managed by the same group behind the infamous Alexis Hotel and Emporium Spa – two of the most decadent men’s entertainment venues in Jakarta.

Modern Jakarta it may be.

But the ancient Romans would have loved it!

Colosseum Jakarta

Colosseum Club / 1001 Hotel
Jn. Kunir No. 7
West Jakarta


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