Holy crap! What is that?

Hotel Travel, Mangga Besar

There’s one thing you can say about this place – you’re never gonna mistake it for somewhere else!!!

Well certainly not another hotel.

But the preposterously large edifice of this modern day sleaze den – my picture doesn’t do it justice – does bare a striking similarity to Kota’s wonderful old art deco railway station.

And like the old railway station, Hotel Travel is also a place where you will be taken on a journey to some far away land - although the summit (or climax?) - will probably be reached in less time than it takes for you to get on the old train from Jakarta to Bogor!

Cited as “possibly the most sordid and disreputable venue in the whole of Jakarta” (and that takes some doing I can tell you!), the hotel’s “great value for money” and “exceptional quality of service” keeps the punters coming back for more.

How whorrific (sic) some might say.

Even if that’s the main attraction! Hahaha!

Travel Hotel Jakarta
Jalan Mangga Besar VIII, No. 21
Phone: (021) 6012721


Travel said... @ 13 August 2013 at 20:15

I really like this place!

Hotel Travel

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