10 Tricks to Confidently Pick Up Any Indonesian Woman

1) Indonesian women first look at your clothes. Colorful shirts are not ridiculed as they are in the west but shorts are most definitely a no-no (unless you are a pramuka or boy scout). Dress well and you should be okay. A nice quality shirt is a safe bet and, a sharp business jacket really turns them on! Good shoes are also very, very important – don’t wear crappy footwear – flip flops, trainers etc.

APEC batik shirts

You can still pull with a bright shirt in Indonesia

2. The second thing an Indonesian woman notices is how you walk. In this regard, westerners have a big advantage as they tend to walk briskly and confidently, taking big bold steps.

2) You can’t cheat the truth. Spend your spare time aggressively working out! Also eat well to maintain a health complexion.

3) Learn a few good pickup lines.

4) Be confident. Indonesian girls love that. That doesn’t mean be rude or pushy but don’t bullshit either. Many Indonesian girls are naughtier than you think :)

6) If you really are too overcome by nerves and unable to voice your intentions clearly: give her you name card. The holy grail, however, is her phone number. Once you have that it opens up a whole series of opportunities as Indonesian girls love to receive (and send) flirty text messages. With luck this will quickly yield tangible dividends in the real world.

7) Don’t add her to Facebook or follow her on Twitter whilst you are chatting to her for the first time. At this stage of the game she needs your undivided attention and not a glimpse into your narcissist social media world.

8) It’s safer to complement what she wears (what a cute dress you are wearing) rather than what she looks like (kamu cantik sekali!).

9) Talk about common interests (travel, music, food, social media etc) and not politics, business or male stuff.

10) Don’t let rejection get you down. There's always another possibility around the corner…


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