Vertu Ascent Ti in Jakarta

US$6,400 (60 million Rupiah) is a s*** load of money. Especially in Indonesia where more than 50 percent of the population survives on around 2 bucks a day.

But US$6,400 is also how much you will need to purchase the new
Vertu Ascent Ti, which is now on sale at the new Vertu shop in Jakarta.

Vertu Store Jakarta

So what else can a Vertu handphone do that a Nokia can’t? Well not much really. Although it does have a concierge feature whereby you receive recommendations for the best local restaurants and, so I hear, massage palors and men's spas (well this is Jakarta isn’t it?!!!)

Vertu handphone Jakarta
What else US$6,400 will buy in Jakarta:

1. food for the average family for 5 years (assuming a monthly salary of Rp2 million, and that 50% of the income is spent on food),
2. 240 Bakrie Esia handphones,
3. 8,571 counterfeit DVDs purchased at
Glodok (although the originals would set you back US$171,420)
4. 120 return tickets for a budget airline to Bali.

So watch out where you leave that handphone. Cos it won’t remain on that table for long!


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