Patung Pemuda (the Pizza Man Statue)

One of the more bizarre statues in Jakarta is called Patung Pemuda. It’s located on the main thoroughfare leading south to the busy shopping district of Blok M. To most Jakartans the statue is simply referred to as the Pizza Man Statue, but it was actually built for other reasons than to promote the famous Italian bread based food. After all, why would an incredibly muscular Indonesian youngster (has he been going to Gold’s Gym I wonder?) want to hold a pizza above his head?

Patung Pemuda (the Pizza Man Statue) in Jakarta

So why was the statue erected then? Well simply to symbolize the contribution of the youth to the development of the country – and including no doubt those that work in the many branches of the popular Pizza Hut restaurant today!


  1. I call it 'patung pantat', meaning 'butt statue'


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