Honda CBR250RR photo

Good timing this: I need a new bike and it’s the third day of the Jakarta 2010 Motorcycle Show. So I head over to the Jakarta Convention Center last Saturday evening with the intention of finding out from the good people at Honda whether they are actually gonna stop pissing around and finally release a decent motorcycle in Indonesia.

It’s jam-packed as you can imagine and the main assembly hall has stands for the major motorcycle manufactures operating in Indonesia.

To get punters over to their stands, the motorcycle manufactures have resorted to the thing that best sells sleek and sexy bikes with loud throbbing engines:

SPGs (sales promotion girls)

Indonesia girl (2)

At the Honda stand I ask the Honda people about the bike I am interested in: the Honda CBR250RR.

And yes, they tell me, it will be launched in Indonesia!!!!

So I put my name down on Honda’s waiting list – apparently along with about 95 others – and check out the beast in the flesh, so to speak. And as you can see below, it looks pretty damn cool.

Honda VTR250 Indonesia

After that I check out the other stands, and with my trusty Nikon DSLR in hand get some pretty good shots.

Not of the motorcycles, mind you :)


  1. Best ever this modal "Honda CBR250RR" in bike history.The girl look like listen something very carefully about this bike.

  2. c(l)ock ticking?


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