Oasis Spa & Café, Jakarta

“I was expecting to get just a soapy massage, but the girl tried to give me so much more.” ~anon

Oasis specializes in the fine art of “soapy massage” and by most accounts is the only place in Jakarta where you can experience this unique and invigorating “treatment”.

Take one step inside the building and leave behind you the insanity of modern day Jakarta for an entirely different world altogether. Located on Jakarta’s infamous Mangga Besar Street, Oasis may not be the easiest place to get to. But the journey is worth it. And by the end of your visit you’ll certainly be glad you came! Hahaha!

One of course can only wonder what the pharaohs of ancient Egypt would have made of this modest-sized establishment constructed in their honor. I reckon they would have loved it. Especially that old horndog, Ramses the Great. He had 8 official wives and nearly 100 concubines - and was still not entirely satisfied.

Oasis Spa & Café, Jakarta

Compared to other spas in Jakarta like Emporium and the illustrious Alexis, Oasis is very good value for money and one of the best spas in Jakarta. What’s more, the vibe is cool and relaxed and you are not under any pressure to try something that you don’t really want.

Afrita HanemYou are given your own locker so your stuff should be safe. Facilities include 50 rooms – including a Presidential Room (although I sincerely hope he hasn’t been here!), Suites, VIP rooms and Deluxe rooms. There are large hot and cold baths, and of course the obligatory steam room and sauna.

Have fun!

Latest Rates
Massage ( traditional, shiatsu, lulur ) :

- Standard
: Rp. 160.000 for 2 sessions ( 90 minutes )
- Deluxe, massage
: Rp. 200.000 for 2 sessions ( 90 minutes )
- Suite
: Rp. 240.000 for 2 sessions ( 90 minutes )
- Presidential Room,
: Rp. 350.000 for 2 sessions ( 90 minutes )

Korean Massage ( body massage ) :

: Rp. 360.000 for 2 sessions ( 60 minutes)
- Suite
: Rp. 380.000 for 2 sessions ( 60 minutes)
- Presidential
: Rp. 450.000 for 2 sessions ( 60 minutes)

Facilities only
: Rp. 80.000

Oasis Spa Jakarta

Jl. Mangga Besar Raya No.64-B
West Jakarta
Telephone: 021-6248910

Oasis Spa & Café, Jakarta

Nope this ain't a gaudy replica but solid bronze we are talking about here!


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