Indonesia image of the day (3): sexist ad

On a walkabout yesterday lunchtime I notice this flyer pasted on a wall near Jaksa.

Although you could well be prosecuted for putting up this ad in many developed countries, there are no such anti-discrimination laws in Indonesia.

But why would Jack post an ad specifically seeking a female teacher? Here are some possibilities:

1) the students are all hot young airline stewardesses and Jack thinks that a male teacher would be too “distracted” to teach effectively.

2) the students are all men and Jack thinks that employing a nice young female teacher would just be great for business.

3) Jack is just a stupid sexist bastard.

It may be 2012. But sometimes in Indonesia it feels like the 50s…


  1. It's ok to criticize this but I would never support a law forbidding it because that's a violation of his rights. Its his property, he can hire or not hire anyone he wishes.

  2. Hahaha! This made me laugh. I love your candor. I will speak vicariously through your blog! (if there is such a thing) *Curse this "diplomatic" expectation*

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